Underwater camera shot of lobsters caught off Fourchu in Cape Breton. (CBC)

Cape Breton's Fourchu lobsters are making a big splash in the United States.

The crustaceans — dubbed the Kobe beef of lobster — have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine and TV's Iron Chef America.

Fisherman Gordon MacDonald said any lobster caught off Nova Scotia is good, but Fourchu lobster is guaranteed to be full of tasty meat.

"We can pretty well guarantee that when people get a Fourchu lobster and they have it, it's full of meat [and] it's got a high quality flavour," he told CBC News.

The lobsters are caught off Fourchu, a small fishing village on the southeast coast of Cape Breton known for its cold waters. The season is only two months long.

Two years ago, MacDonald brought the lobsters to the attention of Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder of the French Culinary Institute in New York. Her grandfather was born in Fourchu and she has a summer home there.

"Fourchu lobster does have an incredibly sweet taste. I brought 10 top chefs from New York up here to taste the lobster and they went wild for it," said Cann Hamilton.

This summer, MacDonald loaded a truck with 1,700 kilograms of lobster and drove it to New York City to share with several top restaurants.

"It's about taking it to a market and saying, 'Look, this really is good. You need to try this,'" he said.

MacDonald said he plans to drive 10 trucks down next year.