KFC closures


Nova Scotians looking to savour a tub of finger lickin’ good chicken will have fewer places to choose from after four KFCs ìn the province closed Sunday.

Doors are now shut at the Wyse Road and Cole Harbour locations in HRM, along with joints in Antigonish and Elmsdale.

The owner of the four restaurants said the leases are up and the buildings old. Dwight Fraser, president of Franchise Management Inc., said it’s better to redevelop than to renovate.

But customers are missing their fix.

“We already went to a KFC down by our school today and they didn't have any chicken left," said Madison Gaillard. "So we came here and it was closed, and now we have to go somewhere else to find it."

Employees were given no notice, but were offered jobs in New Glasgow, Port Hawkesbury and at other locations in HRM.

The way it’s been handled bothers customer Greg Johnson.

"Who's going to drive a 100 kilometres for a part time job at minimum wage," he said. "It just isn’t happening."

Fraser said it was in the best interests of his staff to tell them nothing until the day the restaurant closed.

"Rightfully so they'll be looking for work," he said. "If they find it, they're going to leave. And if they leave then we can't be open and therefore the people that stayed will be in a vulnerable position as well.

"Meaning that if we can't be open then they'll be out of their jobs even sooner."