Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources spent Friday fighting at least three brush or forest fires.

At 5:50 p.m. the department and Halifax fire officials were battling a fire in Timberlea, near Trinity Lake. 

Officials say the brush fire is about one kilometre away from the main road. There are no homes in the area so there's no need to evacuate.

One helicopter is in the area.

Officials say it could take all night to make sure the fire is out. 

Volunteer firefighters and DNR crews are also on the scene of a fire on roughly four hectares of land near Bible Hill.

At 5 p.m. a fire duty officer said the fire was still not completely under control, but there are two helicopters on the scene.

DNR crews also responded to a forest fire on four hectares of mainly young softwood land in East Chester Friday morning.

Pat Murphy, the DNR manager in the area, says crews surrounded the fire and contained it. 

He said a couple of crews from Chester, a Department of Natural Resources crew from Lunenburg and one small helicopter were called in, although the helicopter didn't need to drop water.

Murphy said so one was injured.

He said some crews stayed behind to watch hotspots.

There's no word on what caused any of the fires.

According to the DNR's fire index map, most of the province is either a high or very high risk for fire.