Const. Brian Palmeter said police are investigating a party that got out of control at Citadel High School on Sunday. ((CBC))

Members of a Halifax high school's football team are being questioned about a party in the school that got out of control on Sunday evening.

Windows at Citadel High School were smashed, some drywall was damaged and there was also graffiti. The damage amounts to about $5,000, according to school board officials.

Members of the Citadel Phoenix returned to their locker room at the school after defeating the Sir John A. Macdonald Flames earlier in the day at the provincial championship.

Doug Hadley, a spokesman for the Halifax Regional School Board, said the majority of the team left after showering and one or two students remained in the building after the coaches had left.

"A coach or a teacher advisor should always be the last person to leave a building to make sure it's secure. That didn't happen," said Hadley.

"It looks like they were planning to go somewhere to celebrate their win and those plans fell through and through the use of cellphones and text messaging, they made alternate plans."

Hadley said about 40 people returned to the school and began to party in a room used to store football equipment. Some began drinking.

At around 7:30 p.m., a passerby called the police after noticing the broken window and seeing people inside the high school.

"One individual was charged with underage drinking. The remainder of the people's information was captured and the matter is still under investigation," said Const. Brian Palmeter, a spokesman for the Halifax Regional Police.

Hadley said the school board is doing its own investigation and staffers are interviewing students and coaches to find out who is responsible for the damage.

He said coaches did not know any students had been left unattended. Nobody has been disciplined yet.