Five horses escaped from Boulderwood Stables on Highway 1 in Nova Scotia on Monday night, prompting a search and a warning for drivers in the area to be cautious.

Ann Wootton, the owner of Boulderwood Stables in Ardoise, said 17 horses were put in the field on Monday evening and her husband would generally check on them before going to sleep.

"Around 9:45, a person dropped by and said that there were horses on the road heading towards Mount Uniacke. He thought about eight," Wootton told CBC News on Tuesday morning.

"We hurried off outside, picked up some grain and head collars and my husband went with the young gentleman."

Wootton said her husband brought back three of the horses while she penned others that were milling around the yard. She believes the animals got out by breaking a fence.

The remaining five horses were rounded up at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The standardbred horses, which are normally used for trail rides at Boulderwood Stables, are "old enough to know better" than to escape, said Wootton.