Charlie Lahey hopes his catch puts him in the record book. ((Courtesy: Charlie Lahey))

A Louisbourg man thinks he may have hooked a Nova Scotia record with his brown trout.

Charlie Lahey was fishing the Mira River Saturday evening when he caught a brown trout weighing8.35 kilograms. It was 86.36 centimetreslong and71.12 centimetresthick.

"It wasa good night," he told CBC News Monday.

Lahey, an avid outdoorsman,was on the water for about30 minuteswhen he felt a tug on his line.

"I knew I had a big fish on there,"he said. "It was about 20 minutes before we finally got him in the net."

Lahey and his fishing pal strung their catch and kept fishing. It was only when they got back and measured the fish that they suspected they had a record breaker.

Laheycontacted provincial fisheries officials to register his catch anddetermine whether it beats the current record of 3.58 kilograms for a brown trout.

Fisheries and Aquaculture biologist Jason LeBlancwaswaiting to see pictures because he said it is possible to mistake a brown trout for salmon.

Brown trout, named for their brownish hue, are well established in Nova Scotia.

Lahey said he knows of people who havehookedlarge brown trout but didn't register their catches. In fact, he saw a big one the night before he landed his.

Lahey is getting his fish mounted and plans to put it up in his basement.

His friends, on the other hand, joke that it would be good on the barbecue.

With files from the Canadian Press