A fisherman from Main-a-Dieu, N.S., is challenging a plan by the Coast Guard to shut down a fog horn on Moque Head.

The horn would be replaced with a light and tower.

But Ken Wadden said fishermen need the sound to guide them especially in heavy fog

"You can hear a horn any time if it's working, if the power is not down, but you're still not seeing the light as much as you should see it until you get right in that close to it you're just about ashore we don’t want them to take it," he said.

"I'd like to see everything stay here for the future of the children or anybody that's getting into it starting from nothing when you take everything out you're not getting nothing back."

Wadden says the fog horn is used by 60 boats at the height of the fishing season.

The Coast Guard has launched a 90 day consultation with fishermen on the issue.

A decision on the issue is expected this spring.