Some of the Halifax Regional Municipality's busiest crosswalks are being painted with white zebra stripes as the city hopes the new look will cut down on the number of pedestrians being hit by cars.

The city plans to paint 500 crosswalks by the end of the summer, with high traffic areas getting priority. The idea is to make crosswalks more visible.

But one crosswalk safety advocate is questioning where the city is putting its attention. Many of the collisions happen at traffic lights, including one on May 3 that killed a woman in a scooter in Dartmouth.

"I would certainly be putting [zebra stripes] where the incidents are occurring — not necessarily where it may be cost effective, but not necessarily safety effective," said Norm Collins.

The city's traffic manager says he's not convinced stripes are needed where there are lights.

"They already have the most restrictive type of traffic control," Taso Koutroulakis said.

"The benefit in those particular cases to utilizing zebra markings — I'm not so sure that it's there, but that's something we will consider."

Koutroulakis said people complain most about drivers zooming through crosswalks and that's why those spots are getting the stripes first.