From packing lunches to gathering supplies, the first day of school can seem fast paced, but police are warning drivers to slow down in school zones Wendesday under the new reduced speed limits.

In zones where the speed limit used to be 50 kilometres an hour, the maximum is now 30 kilometres an hour. Where it used to be 70 kilometres an hour, it's down to 50 kilometres an hour.

"Kids are in these school zones; they don't always think. They're young, everyone was there one time, you'll run out across the road when you're around the school playing with your friends and buddies," said RCMP Cpl. Scott MacRae.

"For motorists we have to take the responsibility to watch out for the kids and with 30 kilometres an hour that gets the cars down to a slower speed to give more reaction time."

Police said last week they will be giving out warnings on this first day back to school. After that, people will be issued the usual fine for speeding in a school zone.