Two wooden fishing wharves, a pair of boat sheds and one boat have been destroyed by a fire in Lower Prospect, N.S.

The first crew of firefighters arrived at the end of the Lower Prospect Branch Road shortly after 9 p.m. on Thursday.

"When we arrived, one wharf and one boat shed was already on fire, but it was spreading quickly to a neighbouring wharf as well," said Ola Legere, acting division commander with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency.

"It was also burning into the grass and near an abandoned home."

Firefighters try to get Lower Prospect, N.S., fire under control2:12

Local fishermen helped the owners of the two wharves by getting their fishing boats to a safe area. Everything else at the two sites, including some lobster traps and other fishing gear, were destroyed.

Firefighters had to deal with a number of obstacles while fighting the blaze, including strong winds, said Legere.

"Some power lines had come down there, so it was a hazard to the firefighters. Nova Scotia Power had to shut down power in the area," he said. "They had to establish a water shuttle on the road and that took a little time, and … they were trying to pump water from the bay but it was low tide."

The cause of the fire has not yet been released.