The New Waterford fire marshal is investigating what's left of Suppertime Pizza on Plummer Avenue after a fire broke out on Sunday afternoon.

Lenny Barrington, chief of the New Waterford volunteer fire department, said no one was injured but some people living nearby had to be evacuated.

"When they rolled up the fire was pretty bad. Like I say it was fully involved, heavy black smoke and the pizza place, with the high winds everything was blowing towards the company homes in behind and we had to evacuate some people in the homes in the back."

A blizzard was raging at the time of the fire with winds gusting up to 90 kilometres an hour.

Barrington said there were a handful of people in the building behind the pizzeria.

"One company home had two people in it. The other end had two apartments and then in the front was a lady and in front end was a gentleman. We had to evacuate them, right now they all have places to go so everything is okay," said Barrington.

This was the second fire in the community over the weekend.

A fire also heavily damaged a house on Tenth Street in the community Saturday night.

There were no injuries in that fire either.

Barrington said Tenth Street fire most likely started because of a furnace problem.