Minister of Finance Maureen MacDonald said to balance the budget next year she'll have to turn down spending that often pops up in an election year. ((CBC))

While Finance Minister Maureen MacDonald says the NDP government is "on track" to bring in its first balanced budget next year, she warns it won't take much to derail it.

"Balancing the provincial budget next year will require continued discipline. I've been in this political arena long enough to know that the mere mention of another election invites even more demands on the government to spend more, but we will maintain our focus," she said.

That focus includes wiping out a $200-million deficit.

"Legislation passed in the last session will ensure that the provincial portion of the HST will be reduced by one point in 2014 and another in 2015," MacDonald said.

In August the Dexter government promised to cut the HST back to 13 per cent over the next three years.

The provincial Liberal Party said they question how this can be done as the pressure to provide health care is still growing.

"Liberals have been saying loudly, 'We wonder how that's going to happen,' because they are not in a position to do that ... and be prudent at the same time," said Liberal finance critic Diana Whalen.

"What they’re doing right there is playing politics with the HST promise."