Nova Scotia's film industry worries the government might cut a tax break many rely on to stay in business.

The government is reviewing a tax arrangement where films employing Nova Scotians can get 50 to 60 per cent of their labour costs back. The province is reviewing that break, along with the rest of the tax system.

Producers made their case to government in April.

Geoff D'Eon of Pilot Light Productions said the industry will research the economic spinoffs and prove its case to the government.

"Yes, the industry was concerned coming out of that meeting where we were described as a net loss. We're sure that's not the case. It's up to us really to make the best case we can," he said.

Liberals promised to boost program

The department of finance won’t give an opinion on the credit, but the governing Liberals committed to improving the credit in the 2013 election.

David MacLeod of Big Motion Pictures is working on the TV show Haven.

"Producers present wanted to get a sense of what its status in that review might be," he said.

The government spent $24.2 million on the credit for the 2012/13 tax year. The industry reported $125 million of production activity.