A 20-year-old spat about the pothole-riddled Chebucto Head Road in Halifax is nearing an end as the Halifax Regional Municipality agreed to try a street swap with the province.

When the federal government abandoned the Chebucto Head lighthouse in the mid-1990s, it also left the road that serviced it and the small neighbourhood around it.

"It is the worst road in HRM — bar none," said Coun. Steve Adams.

Fixing the treacherous road turned into a complicated business. The federal government owns the road but it sits within the Halifax Regional Municipality boundaries. The solution to have it finally repaired depended on co-operation from the province.

The Nova Scotia government said it will fix the road and maintain it in the future, on one condition — the Halifax Regional Municipality must make a trade and assume ownership and maintenance of a provincially-owned road in the municipality.

Halifax regional council voted Tuesday to do just that. The road that will be taken over by the Halifax Regional Municipality has not yet been determined.

Perry Smith has lived in Chebucto Head for about 30 years. He said he and his neighbours fill in the potholes themselves every few years.

"It's not fit to drive over. It's pretty well down to one lane. The potholes are out of this world. Small vehicle or something, there's not going to be much left of it," he said.

"It's been going on now for 20 years over it. Nothing has been done. I'll believe it when I see it."

Adams, the councillor for District 11, said the 30 or so people who live around the rugged shoreline have been complaining for years. He called the road swap the perfect solution to a decades-old problem.

"Ottawa has downright refused to do anything to repair the road and left the residents out in the lurch if you will," he said.