The death of a 57-year-old woman on a motorized scooter who was struck and killed in Dartmouth over the weekend is raising questions about pedestrian safety.

This year alone, there have been 78 crashes involving pedestrians in Halifax, two involving people in wheelchairs.

The woman was crossing Thistle Street when she was hit by a pickup truck turning off of Victoria Road Saturday around 11 a.m.

The woman was rushed to hospital but died Saturday evening.

Paraplegic Donald MacDonald said the woman's death is a reminder of how dangerous streets can be for scooter users. He parks his scooter a metre from the curb when he waits to cross.

"Some cars are coming so quickly, you need those three feet," said MacDonald. "But if you're right at the end of the curb cut, you're going to get clipped."

MacDonald said he's had many near misses on Halifax streets and worries about his safety every time he crosses.

This is the first accident involving a motorized scooter this year — and the first pedestrian fatality of the year.

"One is too many and we really encourage people to pay attention to their surroundings and also pedestrian to look for their own safety," said Const. Pierre Bourdages of the Halifax Regional Police.

Police are still investigating the incident and won't say if charges will be laid.