A Dartmouth, N.S., woman says her faith in her fellow man has been restored thanks to the positive response she received over the weekend for the "tacky" Easter decorations on her house.

After receiving an anonymous letter last month slamming her taste in holiday decorations, Lori Perron fought back, amping up the tacky factor for Easter.

She said supporters came out in droves over the weekend, passing by her house and showing their support.

"Friday, Saturday, Sunday was non-stop, people coming by, just beeping their horns, like I say, coming to the doorstep. It's been crazy," said Perron.

The sunny, warm weather probably helped, but Perron said what surprised her most was the number of people who wanted to see not only her decorations, but also her.

"For strangers to take that time just to go that extra mile and want to meet me or hug me. You know, it's overwhelming. It's just, I don't know what to think of it," she said.

One family even asked to have an impromptu picnic on Perron’s front lawn.

Perron felt hurt when she first received the anonymous letter.

"The sadness I felt is gone now. I feel sad for them now, the person that wrote the letter, because they definitely have bigger issues than my few extra decorations a few times a year," she said.

The story has even garnered international attention, appearing on the website for American network ABC News.

Perron said it’s hard to say why her story has touched so many people.  

"They look at us, we probably look like they do. Just a normal family who has two children and we just decorate and have fun with it. You know, there's so many bad things going on in the world that if you can throw a few extra decorations on your front lawn for a few holidays, what harm is it?"

She's willing to forgive the writer of the letter, and has even offered to have that person come over and help the family decorate for Canada Day.