A family from Alberta who moved to Halifax but had their furniture held hostage for nearly two months over a price disparity with a Toronto moving company says they’ll be pursuing legal action.

Jaime Hatt said her and her two daughters’ belongings were packed in Calgary nearly two months ago.

Hatt said Troy Moving told her it would cost an estimated $1,800 for the haul. But she said on arrival, Troy Moving demanded almost $3,000 more.

The company said the shipment was thousands of pounds over their weight estimate.

Elena Balduk, the owner of Troy Moving, said the company told Hatt upfront the bill could be in a range between about $2,100 and $4,700 dollars and sent Hatt a document that showed the weight of an empty truck.

Hatt said she was given a document from the Toronto moving company that showed her belongings weighed 2,059 kilograms.  When Thompson's moving weighed her shipment in Dartmouth on Thursday, it weighed only 1,043 kilograms.

Hatt said she'll be seeking legal action.

Local Halifax movers deliver

Luckily another moving company, Thompson’s Moving, stepped in Thursday and delivered the Hatt's belonging.

"These gentlemen actually helping me out is just huge ... It's just emotions everywhere. It’s just really, really good — I can't even put words together straight I'm so happy," said Hatt.

Thompson's moving and storage picked up the Hatt's furniture this morning from a Chester storage facility and for no charge brought everything they owned to their new apartment in Halifax.

"I heard her on the radio yesterday on CBC radio and she had said her goods would be delivered when her moving company had a truck in the area. You know, we’re a family-owned business and our owner thought that was kind of an open-ended date to have them delivered so they asked me to take care of it, and we got in touch with her, and we picked her stuff up and delivered it this morning," said Blair Landry, Thompson's general manager.

The next time she moves, Hatt said she won't have to do any research, because she’ll be using Thompson’s.

"It's been a bit of a roller coaster, honestly I didn't know how it was all going to play out," said Hatt. "I was nervous the whole time, but thanks to the CBC, it's finally worked out so I'm good."