Dartmouth falling tree

Friday night's wind storm caused a tree to fall into Ruth Hoddinott's backyard with part of it hit the roof above her bedroom. (CBC)

A 74-year-old woman from Dartmouth, N.S., says she wants the province to clean up a group of trees near her house before she gets hurt.

Part of a tree snapped off during Friday night's wind storm and landed against Ruth Hoddinott's home. Part of it remains on her roof, just above her bedroom.

"Anytime we have a storm I feel devastated. I don't sleep in my bedroom, because if the trees fall, they'll be falling on my house," she said.

Hoddinott said the tree fell from a parcel of land owned by the government.

Ruth Hoddinott

Ruth Hoddinott said she'll ramp up her calls to the province on Monday. (CBC)

She said it's not the first tree to snap and fall near her house. She's been calling and complaining about it for three years.

"I'm supposed to get a permit from the Department of Transportation to cut down their trees, now what do you think of that," she asked.

After Friday night's scare, Hoddinott said she's going to fight even harder until she gets some results.

“It's their property and why should I have to pay and cut down the trees that’s not mine,” she said.

Hoddinott said she'll be back on the phone with the province on Monday.

She wants to get an answer on what can be done with some other large trees on the site, before one of them damages her house.

A spokesperson with the Department of Transportation said they're looking into it.