A Nova Scotia family is speaking out after a man bragged on Facebook that he had a role in bullying their daughter to death.

The man claimed he pushed others to bully three girls online. All three eventually committed suicide.

One of the three was 17-year-old Courtney Brown of Parrsboro, who died one year ago.

Her father, Thomas Brown, said he's disgusted.


Sharon and Thomas Brown say the online comments have reopened the wounds from losing their daughter. (CBC)

"I don't know if he had something to do with it or not. But you know, just to post it on Facebook, admitting to something like that, the guy's got a problem," he said.

Brown first saw the comments in question on Thursday. The young man was writing to a woman.

"I'm the main harasser who told 15 people out of my group to go bully 3 people in Nova Scotia…" he wrote.  He then named the three women who died.

The man claimed his Facebook group, Libya Torial, was responsible for the bullying.

"What is wrong with the world and disrespecting me Libya Torial, my group spreads all over Canada," he wrote.

Brown has sent the information to the RCMP.

Investigation in early stages

Pam Murchison, whose daughter Jenna Bowers was also targeted, said police questioned the man.

"They had him in, they spoke to him, they felt that it was poor judgment on his part, the young fellow's part."

Murchison said she is not satisfied with that conclusion.

The RCMP said it's still early in their investigation. But the head of Nova Scotia's cyberbullying task force is demanding action.

Wayne MacKay is urging the police to lay charges of criminal harassment or intimidation.

Thomas Brown says something needs to happen to make sure more families don't suffer similar tragedies.

"Get these guys off the internet. Shut them down," he said.