Nova Scotia's premier says a spate of budget-related announcements by his government this week aren't a prelude to a snap election call.

Darrell Dexter participated in a news conference Monday announcing the expansion of the dental care program for children, but he says the announcements are a usual part of government business and the legislature will hold a full spring session.

"At some point in time there is going to be an election, that's all very true," said Dexter.

He said the house is working as it should to pass the government's budget, which was tabled on Thursday.

"You should not read too much into anything," said Dexter.

"The house is operating in the way that it should, we're trying to get through the agenda that we have."

On Tuesday, he will announce details of a program to provide insulin pumps and supplies to youths with Type 1 diabetes.

He will also participate in an early childhood education announcement on Wednesday.

The NDP government, which reaches its fourth year in power on June 9, is expected to call an election later this year.

Dental coverage to expand in one month

Meanwhile, Dexter said he hopes the planned expansion of Nova Scotia's dental care program for children will take effect in about a month.

Under the change, children 13 and under will qualify for basic dental care in the province, including annual checkups and cleanings.

The current program covers children up to the age of 10.

Dexter said the change will reverse cuts made to children's dental care coverage in 1997.

The government set aside $2.1 million to expand the program in its most recent budget.

Dental care coverage for young people varies by province. A number of provinces, including P.E.I. and Newfoundland and Labrador, offer programs similar to Nova Scotia's.

Other provinces provide coverage for youth in low-income households and those considered at-risk.