Exhibition Park in Halifax is closing this November disappointing organizers of the popular Maritime Fall Fair.

Most trade shows and large events book venues like Exhibition Park five years in advance. Some event organizers say they want to wait and see how it plays out before canceling or rebooking their event.

But with no venue, the Maritime Fall Fair is cancelled this year says organizer Brian Casey.

"We're definitely disappointed and we'd really like to see it happen, but because the deterioration of the building — or so we've been told — is just, they're going to close it and it's not safe for the public so it just can't happen this year," he said.

Casey says the fall fair will happen in 2016 — he's just not sure where.

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson says there was no actual roof collapse and today the damage is almost unnoticeable, but it's there and it's too costly to fix. (CBC)

Scott Ferguson, CEO Trade Centre Ltd. says the 30-year-old facility was heavily damaged last winter.

"This past winter we underwent some very significant damage as a result of the snow load and water and as a result we're not prepared to operate beyond this winter," he said.

The province's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal says it will cost $3 million to repair the roof and electrical system and another $6 million for upgrades. With that in mind, the province is looking at transferring the site.

Ferguson says it will be sold as is, but he is not aware of any buyers currently interested.

Once fixed, by new owners Ferguson says Trade Centre Ltd. isn't in a position to buy it back.

"We don't have the resources to deal with it," he said.

Once the deed held by Trade Centre Limited is transferred to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, the province says it will meet with interested third parties.

It will officially close Nov. 16 "to maintain public safety"​ according to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.