The annual cleanup of the beaches on McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour has filled another 400 bags with garbage and recyclables, including an old television and an evidence bag that had been ripped open.

Cathy McCarthy, the president of the Friends of McNabs Island Society, said volunteers continue to find plastic tampon applicators, Styrofoam and Tim Hortons coffee cups on the shores, even though sewage treatment plants are working.

"Since 1991, volunteers have collected a staggering 11,000 bags of garbage and recyclables from the beaches of this provincial park and national historic site," McCarthy said in a statement.

"The McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park cleanup is the longest running and largest cleanup in the Maritimes."

Two hundred volunteers travelled to the island on Sunday for the cleanup.

Among the unusual items found on the beaches this year were: a television, a full can of paint, winter tuques, shotgun shells, small farm animal figures, a Santa Claus ornament, a bouquet of fake flowers, a carpet, a few pillows, a Waterfront Development sign, a Tilley hat, a metal bedpan, a workshop light, a toy lobster and an evidence bag that had been ripped open.