An Eskasoni First Nation woman is heartbroken after this week’s storm lifted her convenience store from its foundation and dumped it upside down.

It happened early Thursday morning. Owner Rachel Gould said she had just restocked, and much of what was inside is now destroyed. .

"I can replace everything," she said. "I'm glad it happened during the night and not in the day 'cause I was going to come in the morning and work with my little one.

"If this happened during that time, me and my kid would have got hurt real bad. We would have been in there. And that's the most that's making me more emotional, too, just thinking about that.

"But this was my life, this was my life. And it's gone."

Gould had operated the spot for 14 years. Her children worked there and it was a place for people to hang out.

Gould said her spirits are being lifted by community support and people are stopping by offering to help rebuild.