Police in Colchester County, N.S. have a 43-year-old man in custody after a report of erratic driving led to a short, but aggressive, police chase in Truro Heights Friday night.

RCMP said they were called about an impaired driver at about 10 p.m. Friday. A short time later they found a white pickup truck driving erratically.

Police tried to pull the truck over, but the driver kept driving along Truro Heights Road, where it sideswiped one car and rear-ended another.

RCMP Cpl. Bill Marble said the officer in pursuit had to act quickly to prevent the suspect from doing further damage.

"The vehicle had collided with other vehicles and was going very slow or almost stopped and then the officer pushed his police car into the side of the vehicle to stop it. We’re really glad that the officer was able to act quickly and prevent any further harm to any other citizens or any other damage to property," he said.

Police arrested the driver.

He's now facing charges including impaired driving and impaired driving causing bodily harm.  

The RCMP member and the driver of the car that was rear-ended received minor injuries and both were treated in hospital and released.

The man will remain in custody until he appears in court.