A powerhouse consumer advocate from the United States is throwing her support behind Pictou County's clean air movement.

Erin Brockovich wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday evening that she stands with her friends in the north.

People in Pictou County have been protesting pollution from the Northern Pulp mill, which is malfunctioning.

Tests last year showed the mill is emitting particulate levels at 78 per cent higher than what's allowed.

In the message, Brockovich says the mill is destroying the community's quality of life significantly.

Part of the posting reads:

"Everyday counts. Demand Action.

"The massive international polluter, Northern Pulp ... [is] number six on the list of all of Canada's top polluters, destroying the community’s quality of life significantly. 

"Not only is it virtually impossible to breathe clean air in Pictou, Nova Scotia, or the surrounding areas children and adults alike are forced to endure asthma, nausea, burning eyes, headaches and a vast list of other respiratory symptoms."

She said she expected more from Canada.

Brockovich lists a phone number for Premier Stephen McNeil and encourages people to call and complain.

A couple of weeks ago, the Nova Scotia government issued a legally binding order giving the mill until next spring to clean up its act.

Northern Pulp has until May 30 to take the necessary measures to bring the mill up to acceptable standards.