The federal government has given the public 30 days to comment on the potential environmental impacts of a 160-hectare open pit quarry proposed for Black Point in Guysborough County.

Atlanta-based Vulcan Materials wants to build a 200-metre marine terminal in Chedabucto Bay and extract 7.5 million tonnes of granite a year, for 50 years.

On Monday, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency released a draft environmental assessment of the quarry project and potential conditions.

The agency says the public has until Feb. 3 to comment on its environmental assessment.


The agency concludes "the Black Point Quarry Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects, taking into account the implementation of the recommended mitigation measures."

Potential conditions the government is considering include ensuring construction of the marine terminal takes place outside lobster fishing season, routing shipping lanes around shrimp traps and extensive consultations with Mi'kmaq.

The government is also looking at limiting operating hours for the quarry and processing plants to 16 hours per day, limiting blasting to daytime hours and weekdays, as well as suspending activities during periods of sustained high winds greater than 30 km/h if dust emissions can't be controlled

The company intends to start development in 2018 with the first shipments in 2020.