Allen Large and his wife Violet, who has been fighting cancer, gave almost all of their winnings away.

An elderly couple from Lower Truro who won the lottery are upset their names are being used for an email scam.

Allen and Violet Large won $11.2 million in Lotto 6-49 in July and decided to give their millions away to family and charities.

Now, the couple is disgusted to find out there's an email circulating with their names attached. The email, written in broken English, asks people to help the Larges give away their winnings. 

"That really ticks me off," Allen told CBC News, with his wife sitting at his side.

"Anybody that stoops so low as to think that they're going to gain prosperity from us over doing something like this - they got another thought coming."

Police said the email looks like a new twist on an old scam, the Nigerian banking story. They also think it could have originated in Italy.

Sgt. Brigdit Leger with the RCMP in Nova Scotia warned people to exercise due diligence when they receive suspicious correspondence.

"If you're sensing that something is not right, take your time to research it," she said. "There are a number of phenomenal organizations throughout Canada that will help you with that: the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is one."

'Burn it': Large

The Larges have been in the spotlight since a CBC story on the generous winning couple went around the world.

Then they also started getting phone calls and letters. One woman from France even sent pictures of 14 cats in her care, asking for money to help pay for cat food.

"I said, 'Good Lord!'" Allen explained. "And a registered letter at that!"

The Larges don't own a computer and haven't seen the email scam. They do, however, have advice for anyone who might receive it.

"Burn it," Allen said. "It's not from us whatsoever."