Staff at the Briar Patch Farm and Nursery say Crackers is getting along with the other ducks at the farm. (Submitted by Terri Gates)

A clever duck that evaded rescue multiple times at a Bedford, N.S., pond has now found a new home in the Annapolis Valley.

Crackers — originally thought to be an Indian Runner duck and now identified as a Swedish Blue duck — is a ground-dweller and can't fly.

She mysteriously appeared in the heart-shaped pond in Hemlock Ravine Park this summer but neighbours feared she wouldn't survive the winter when the pond froze.

That led to numerous attempts to try to catch and move her — all of which failed. Then, last week, Crackers was trapped and taken to her new home at the Briar Patch Farm and Nursery in South Berwick.

"She's in a pen that has straw bedding to it," said Terri Gates, who works at the Briar Patch Farm.

"It has nettings on the side and the top just to keep other predators and birds or any other animals away from them so they're not getting chased or anything and they have lots of food and a bucket of water and a little pond to play in."

Gates said Crackers seemed to be fitting in with the other eight ducks at the farm.

"They don't seem to be picking on each other. They run around like any other animals would play," she said.

"She's a very pretty duck. Good company for the other ducks and people like to see different breeds of ducks so it's nice to have, it goes along with our bunnies and geese and horses."

Briar Patch Farm and Nursery is currently open to the public on weekdays and will close for the winter at the end of the month.