Elton John fans snap up tickets for Halifax shows

Tickets for Elton John's first concert in Halifax were sold out about an hour after they went on sale Friday morning.

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Tickets for Elton John's first concert in Halifax were gone about an hour after they went on sale Friday morning.

About 100 people were outside the Halifax Metro Centre when the box office opened at 9 a.m., including many fans like Nicole Giacomantonio and her friends who camped out overnight.

The strategy paid off for them.

"I'm at a loss for words right now, I'm so excited," said Giacomantonio, clutching her precious tickets. "But now I'm going to go home to sleep and shower."

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‘Tickets are probably overpriced, but this concert won't come to Halifax again so I'll dish out the cash to go.’


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By the time Shelley Haines made it to the ticket counter, many of the good seats for the two shows were gone.

Still, she's content with her seats behind John and the stage.

"I don't mind because he's going to be there with his baby grand piano and I'm sure he's going to move because he's very dynamic and energetic," Haines said.

Several people said they were willing to stand in line for tickets because they heard stories about difficulties with the Ticket Atlantic website.

One man told CBC News he ran to the Metro Centre because the site was down, but tickets were all gone by the time he arrived.

Promoters said the two shows sold out in about an hour.

Fred MacGillivray, president and CEO of Trade Centre Ltd., said the website was working well, though thousands of fans were trying to buy tickets online and that created a long lineup.

"There's 23,000 tickets being sold, so you'll get a queue," he said around 10 a.m. "It's just a lot of people requesting tickets at the same time."

Tickets cost $113 to $163, depending on the seat, and were limited to four a person. Anyone ordering online had to pay an extra $4.

Members of the Elton John fan club got an early chance to buy tickets online through a special site, but they were reportedly gone in minutes.

John will perform at the Metro Centre on Sept. 26 and 27 before moving on to New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

It will be his first time performing in Atlantic Canada.

With files from the Canadian Press