Electricity lights up Kejimkujik campsite bookings

Parks Canada says there's been a dramatic increase in bookings for campsites at Kejimkujik National Park this year.

Parks Canada says the addition of electricity to campsites at Kejimkujik National Park has caused a surge in advanced bookings by campers.

The park's reservation system opened for bookings on Tuesday. By the end of the day, 1,000 campers had snapped up spots to enjoy the National Park.

Ed Jager, the director of visitor experience for Parks Canada, said Kejimkujik has been inundated with bookings since electrical outlets were installed in some of the sites.

"The demand is great and the supply is limited, so that's why I think probably within 10 to 15 minutes we saw most of the sites reserved, electrical sites, for the May and the Thanksgiving long weekend in the park," he said.

Currently 100 of 350 campsites have power. Jager said the park plans to double the number of sites with electricity, but the timing will depend on whether the demand continues.

Jager said the on-line booking service has had a 20 per cent increase across the country. Kejimkujik is above-average, he said.

"2009, there was about 56 reservations made on opening day — and that was before they started putting in electrical sites.  And this year on opening day we had about 1,000 reservations," he said. 

Camper Darryl Perrin didn't realize he had to act quickly to reserve a spot for October.

"By the time I rolled in after work on Tuesday, in the evening, there was really nothing left that I could fit on," Perrin said.

Perrin says some of his friends who went on the system minutes after it opened still had trouble getting a spot with power for any long weekend from May to October.