The community of Florence is mourning the loss of an elderly couple in Cape Breton after the two died in their home during a fire on Monday.

Charred remains are all that's left of the mobile home shared by a husband and wife in Florence. The couple’s bodies were found together at the back of the home.

“I don't think one would survive without the other, you know, and it was meant to be that way I guess," said neighbour Vern Coakley, who lived near the couple for forty years.

The fire marshal’s office said it has finished the investigation and has deemed the fire to be an accident.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the victims.

Neighbours are still processing the deaths of their friends.

“I'm sick over it, it's awful, this time of year and that, it's awful,“ said Sandra Osmond.

Others who live nearby say it happened so fast, there was barely time to react. Two men tried to rescue the couple by breaking windows in the back, but the intense smoke drove them back and prevented anyone from entering.

“It was fully in flames, the front section of the home and just not much you can do at that point but try and cool it down enough to get inside,” said Florence Fire Chief Bill Capstick.

He said once on fire, mobile homes often burn fast.

“So much glue and that in the panels that hold the walls together plus your everyday furniture, a lot of plastics, sofas all that, like once that stuff goes up, it generates a lot of gas,” said Capstick.

Those in the community remember the couple for their love of animals, their humour and kindness.

“My husband used to go up and see the animals and that with him. He used to take care of them, he loved animals,” said Osmond.

“He'd have pigeons and maybe we'd have rabbits here and the kids would trade 'em you know switch one for the other and one day I came home and he had a cow in the backyard,” said Coakley.

“Very nice people, they were good to one another and they went out when they were able to go, dances and different things like that.”