Neil Bailey

Neil Bailey is helping launch a tool library in Halifax. Organizers have been surveying people to find out what they want. (Zaa Nkweta/CBC)

A group of Haligonians wants to launch a tool library in the city to lend out hammers, drills and other equipment.

Tool libraries already exist in places like Toronto and Vancouver, and the group in Halifax is surveying people to see if the idea can fly here.

Neil Bailey thinks it will. His group has gauged interest by surveying students, people living in apartments and those without much money.

"We think that if a space like this exists where you can access those things, the tools, the skills, the resources, then people will be able to do a lot more than they can now," Bailey said.

The group is also looking for a space to serve as a workshop. Bailey said many people living on the Halifax peninsula don’t have garages to store tools, or money to buy them.

Tool libraries in other cities often get a jump start through startup funds or crowdsourcing. They are then sustained by membership fees.