Eastlink has jumped onto the wireless landscape with no-term cellphone contracts, hoping to woo customers and change their opinions of cellphone providers.

"I felt we shouldn't have to have a contract in order to be able to maintain that customer relationship," said Lee Bragg, the CEO of Eastlink.

"We should want our customers to want to do business with us."

Eastlink, owned by Bragg Communications Inc. of Nova Scotia, unveiled the details of its new wireless communications service on Wednesday at its Spring Garden Road location.

Bragg said the wireless market is already crowded so the company was careful to perfect the service and its $200-million investment before launching its wireless aspect.

Eastlink Wireless launches in Halifax on Friday, with other locations expected to launch in the coming weeks. Coverage is immediately available across mainland Nova Scotia and southern P.E.I.

The company plans to roll out its service to the rest of Nova Scotia and P.E.I. over the next year and a half.


Lee Bragg, the CEO of Eastlink, said he's proud of the new service. (CBC)

Matthew MacLellan, the president of Eastlink Wireless, said the company is also the first carrier in the country to build a network that supports 3G and 4G LTE service.

MacLellan said LTE — or long-term evolution — is the latest generation network that means no dropped calls and faster download speeds.

"One of the things we're working very hard to do is wherever we have our own network is we're making sure it's very, very solid," he told CBC News.

Existing Eastlink customers can opt to bundle a cellphone with their television, internet and home phone to save between 10 per cent and 20 per cent off their monthly plan.

Instead of a term contract, Eastlink Wireless customers will pay for a portion of their phone up front. A portion of each monthly bill will go toward paying down the balance.

After three years, any remaining balance is forgiven.

iPhones will not be available with Eastlink Wireless.