Provincial inspectors continue to gather information following a large dump fire in Kings County last week to determine if there are any violations beyond those found earlier this month.

An eight-storey-high pile of waste caught fire on March 22 and volunteer firefighters didn't complete major pumping operations until four days later. The fire is now out.

The site, owned by South Mountain Construction and Debris Ltd., is located near Magee Lake, about 10 kilometres southwest of Kentville.

Heather Fairbairn, an Environment Department spokeswoman, said before the fire, inspectors had last visited the site on March 10. She said they found banned materials such as municipal solid waste and recyclables.

Spring deadline 

The department issued a directive to operators on March 10 to remove all materials not related to construction and demolition from the site, she said. The deadline for that work was May 25.

In a written statement, Fairbairn said this is "just one example" of the enforcement activity that was underway at the facility.

Fairbairn said operators are responsible for taking "the actions necessary to address any potential environmental impacts associated with their activities." She said provincial inspectors visit dump sites on a "regular basis" to ensure compliance.

Inspectors with the Department of Environment have been at the site all week, she said, and continue to gather information in order to determine if "any additional violations may have occurred and if enforcement actions may be required as result of the fire."
Fairbairn declined to do an interview while the department's investigation is ongoing, as did the owner of South Mountain Construction and Debris Ltd.