Halifax crime figure Jimmy Melvin Jr. was sentenced to nine months in jail and his girlfriend Vanessa Delorey received a conditional discharge on drug charges that stemmed from when police arrested Melvin for the murder of his rival, Terry Marriott Jr.

Melvin, 35, was found guilty of possession of cocaine and possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

He and Delorey, 36, were both found guilty of one count each of possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana and possession of hydromorphone.

Reduced sentence for Melvin

Melvin was sentenced in May to 36 months, but his sentence was reduced to nine months for the time Melvin spent incarcerated awaiting trial.

The judge banned Melvin from owning or possessing weapons for the rest of his life, ordered him to submit his DNA for a national database and pay a $400 victim fine surcharge.

Delorey received a conditional discharge in February that includes 12 months of probation. She was ordered to attend counselling for substance abuse, not to possess or consume controlled substances without a doctor's prescription, and to have no contact with Melvin, except through a lawyer.​

Their trial was heard earlier this year in Halifax provincial court.

Circumstances surrounding arrest

The two were arrested in July 2015 when police were looking for Melvin in connection with Marriott's 2009 shooting death. Melvin was subsequently charged with first-degree murder. A Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury found Melvin not guilty of that charge in June.

Crown prosecutor Christine Driscoll admitted this was not a typical drug case, because police had not set out to find drugs at all. She said the drugs were only discovered in the course of arresting Melvin on the murder charge.

When police searched the car Melvin was driving at the time of his arrest, they found two small packets under the driver's seat.

Drugs found in car and motel

The court was told one packet contained tobacco, while the other had marijuana. Both were wrapped in cellophane. Criminals conceal the small "prison packs" in a body cavity and smuggle them into a jail or prison.

Police also recovered drugs and drug paraphernalia from a Bedford Highway motel room, including marijuana, crack cocaine and pills, along with a set of scales, tinfoil and a crackpipe.

Derek MacPhee takes a drink in this photo posted to Facebook.

Derek MacPhee testified at Jimmy Melvin Jr.'s trial in exchange for immunity from charges he faced for a violent home invasion. (Facebook)

Derek MacPhee, a paid police informant, testified against Melvin in exchange for an immunity deal, which included wiping out charges he faced for a violent home invasion in Upper Sackville.

The court heard that prior to arresting Melvin, police had MacPhee phone him to find out where he was. According to testimony, MacPhee told Melvin he was at the Dartmouth jail and asked Melvin to "share some love" and smuggle in some drugs.