A driver has been handed a hefty fine after Halifax police rescued two small dogs left in a hot car Thursday as temperatures soared.

One passerby who saw the dogs in the car on Clyde Street said she thought they'd been there for a while.

This dog seemed happy to be out of the car.

This dog seemed happy to be out of the hot car. (Julie Harrington/Facebook)

"The dogs were crying inside the car," said Julie Harrington. "Everyone who was around was just horrified."

According to Environment Canada, it was 30 C with the humidex by noon Thursday.

Harrington said dozens of people stopped to check on the animals.

This brown dog was also rescued.

This dog was also rescued after police were called to help. (Julie Harrington/Facebook)

Cindy Bayers, a spokesperson for the Halifax Regional Police, said officers who arrived on the scene at 12:40 p.m. used a partially open window to unlock the car and free the dogs.

Police gave the driver three tickets: two $697.50 tickets for leaving animals in an unattended vehicle in conditions that could cause distress and one $250 ticket for owning an unlicensed dog. 

Bayers said people should call 911 if they see an animal in distress. She said even with the windows open, a parked car can quickly heat to dangerous levels. 

With files from Jon Tattrie