A hiker was rescued Friday evening after falling off a trail near Cape Split and plunging 25 metres.

The fall took place along Amethyst Cove on a remote trail near popular hiking destination Cape Split that straddles the Bay of Fundy and the Minas Basin. 

Jeff Skaling, deputy chief of the Canning Fire Department, said the hiker called for help around 2 p.m.

"They were very relieved. They were dressed for the situation, I mean they were appropriately dressed so they weren't cold. There were no issues of hypothermia or anything like that which was very fortunate. It was just a case of a very large amount of ice along the cliff," he said.

Skaling said the fire department responds to about five calls per year from people who need assistance along the Cape Split trail, though added these “high-angle rescue calls” are not as frequent. He said this is the first one that’s had this much gear required in quite some time.

He said a rescuer rapelled down the cliff, set up a “raising-lowering system — which is basically a large amount of ropes and pulleys and safety lines and we sent an additional rescuer over the edge … we got the individual into a harness and used the raising system to raise the individual back up over the bank.”

After working for about two and a half hours, the man was rescued.

Fortunately the hiker had a cell phone to call for help.

Skaling said hikers should avoid Cape Split when it's icy.