A Truro surgeon has been reprimanded for a botched gall bladder surgery he performed two years ago.

According to a news release from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, Dr. Martin Dzierzanowski was attempting to do a biopsy on a patient's gall bladder in 2012.  

He did a biopsy on the patient's pancreas instead.  

The doctor ended the surgery despite being unable to remove the gall bladder.

The patient's condition deteriorated and he was transferred to Halifax where he later died.

A committee with the college concluded that Dzierzanowski:

  • Failed to demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skill and judgment during the February 2012 surgery;
  • Failed to communicate appropriately with the family of the patient when the pathology report was received;
  • Failed to maintain adequate chart documentation respecting the patient; and
  • Failed to maintain legible and complete chart documentation on a variety of other patients.

The committee has placed restrictions on Dzierzanowski's surgical practice and ordered him to get additional training.

All of his surgical cases will be audited for six months and the organization said he must compensate the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia "toward the college’s costs in this matter."