Dozens turned out for a rally Sunday in support of two baristas let go from a local coffee chain, allegedly, for trying to form a union.

About 50 union workers and supporters took part in a demonstration in front of Just Us Café on Spring Garden Road in Halifax.

The management of the coffee co-operative insists they knew nothing of the employees’ attempt to unionize.

Shay Enxuga, one of the two former employees, said he hopes to get his job back and he wants the right to form a union.

Enxuga said he's encouraged by the support at the demonstration.

"It's hurtful and it's disappointing to feel like this company which values itself so much on its social justice mandate, would behave in such a way. Because it’s this company and because they have these values, I really think that this is an opportunity for them to, you know, re-examine where those values came from and how they can move forward with them," he said.