The Canadian Forces are warning residents not to be alarmed if they see dozens of military personnel and vehicles in the Sydney area this weekend as they take part in a cold weather exercise.

More than 100 personnel and up to 50 military vehicles from the 36th Service Battalion in Sydney and the 36th Signal Regiment in Halifax will be involved.

Many of the participants will be carrying weapons.

Capt. Rick Murcar said the military wants to warn people about their presence.

"If they see the military trucks they get a little bit anxious so we want to let people know that the military is just going out and exercising and getting familiar with the area and letting people know we're there," he told CBC News.

"We're training to meet the needs of what the local government needs. We're here, we're doing what we need to do. Getting people to know, in a sense, that there is nothing bad going on."

Murcar said experienced soldiers will train newer personnel in battle procedures.

"We're looking at bringing in the new soldiers that have come into the unit this year, bring them up to speed with some of the soldiers that have been around for a while. So what we're looking at is our ability, essentially, to deploy and conduct battle procedures," he said.

"We're looking to ensure that their skill sets are co-ordinated and that they can get a chance to go out and practise those skill sets as well in the cold weather environment."

The exercises will take place at the strip mine in Reserve Mines, the Sydney Rifle Range and Mira River Provincial Park.