Dominion Beach a 'disaster zone': Councillor

Councillor Darren Bruckschwaiger is calling on the province to save Dominion Beach after last week's storm left much of the beach destroyed.

A Cape Breton regional councillor is calling on the province to save Dominion Beach.

Last week's storm left much of the beach—a provincial park about 13 km from Sydney—destroyed.

Darren Bruckschwaiger said he was part of a committee that built a stone barrier along a portion of the beach a few years ago.

He said the committee was told to stop, for fear it would cause damage.

Bruckschwaiger said the rock wall is the only part of the beach that was saved from the storm.

He wants the province to finish the job.

Bruckschwaiger said it's important to protect the beach before the next big storm.

He's encouraging people to write to their MLA—Deputy Premier Frank Corbett.

"You know, this is important, and we're losing that beach. There's actually legislation provincially that beaches are supposed to be protected forever," said Bruckschwaiger. "They're not following through on this part of the legislation, they're not giving it the protection it deserves."

Bruckschwaiger said the beach is now a disaster zone.

"I was just watching waves washing over, it's actually breaching the beach now, and trickling down into the bay area … that's on the opposite side of our beach," said Bruckschwaiger. "When you've got that kind of a break through there now, if something isn't done, if we were to have a second storm on top of this, the far end of our beach could be an island.  That's how bad it looks right now."

The beach had been closed for five years until last July, because of sewage contamination. A $20 million sewage treatment plant was put in place—Bruckschwaiger fought hard for the plant.

At one time, thousands of people visited Dominion Beach every day during the summer, making it one of the most popular beaches in Nova Scotia.