Children and dogs left in cars during the summer are at risk of heat stroke.

Halifax Regional Police are renewing warnings not to leave pets in hot cars after responding to 24 calls over the weekend.

In one case, officers at Mic Mac Mall had to smash the window of a vehicle to get a dog out of a hot car.

Halifax Regional Police said no dogs were injured in any of the cases.

"Please do not leave pets or kids in unattended vehicles; it could be fatal very quickly," Halifax Regional Police tweeted.

Hot cars are particularly dangerous for young children, according to the Canada Safety Council. On a summer day the temperature inside a car can soar to 50 C in as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

Heat stroke can occur when surrounding temperatures reach about 40 C. A child left in a sweltering car could go into shock, have organ failure and die — sometimes even after being rushed to hospital.

If you spot a child or dog left in a car, call 902-490-5020 to report it to Halifax Regional Police. Police advise calling 911 if either children or animals are in distress.