Dogs can go off-leas at Point Pleasant Park, making it a popular spot. (CBC)

Point Pleasant Park might be going to the dogs.

The popular dog-walking spot in Halifax could soon become a place to pay final respects to former pets.

Because so many dogs come through the park each day a group called Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park is proposing a memorial site for canines that have died.

Trent Boswick is behind the group. He said he envisions owners hanging up their dogs' tags on the fence around one of the forts by the water.

"[It’s] specifically for the people who use the park daily. Good friends of ours just lost their dog who was an eight-year dog, here at least two or three times a day and it's the spot where that dog was known best and by all of his friends," he said.

"It would be a neat way for the owners to come back and see the tags and also for other owners who were friends of those dogs as well to be able to see that."


The memorial would include a spot for dog tags. (CBC)


"If you are going to have a final resting place for the dog tag and the dog loved this park as much as many of these dogs do, it seems appropriate to have it in the park."

Dog-owner Colin Blore said he thinks it would make a nice addition at the park.

"I mean it's a really popular spot around the city. Everyone loves it so I don't think it's a bad idea at all," he said.

The Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee will listen to a proposal on the memorial on Thursday.