Maggie the poodle is being hailed as a hero after her 73-year-old owner awoke to Maggie barking at an intruder in her Dartmouth home Monday evening.

When the woman went to check to see what was going on, she found a young man in her bathroom on Acacia Street.

The woman then ran to neighbour Robert Davies’s house and contacted police.

"She got up and looked out on the deck, this is what she told me," he said. "Then she walked back down the hall and the dog was still barking and this bathroom door opened and this guy was standing there with a hoodie on. He was tall. Scared the crap [out of her]."

The woman's family says the intruder climbed in through an unlocked window. Police were back gathering evidence on Tuesday.

Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. Pierre Bourdages says nothing was broken or stolen and no threats were made.

"We had a good description of the individual," he said. "We also had a pretty good idea of where he left the house, so from that point of exit, our canine unit was able to track the youth."

A police dog followed the accused's path to around the corner on Mason Street. A 17-year-old male was arrested and police say the teen didn’t have any weapons.

Davies says the woman who owns the home is still very shaken and it frightened him as well.

"Shaking like a leaf," he said. "Said someone was in her house. So right away, I dialed 911, called the police."

Davies says it took police about 15 minutes to arrive.

The teen has been charged with break and enter.