High heels for a good cause

“I love the lustrous pink shine,” CBC host Steve Sutherland said after trying on his new heels. (CBC)

Do you have a spare pair of pumps to donate to Cape Breton men in need of high heels? If so, drop them off today at the Farmers' Market in Coxheath.

Debbie Young of the Transition House Foundation in Sydney explained that it’s for a fundraiser for the organization that works to stop violence against women and children.

“We’re asking them to man up and walk a mile,” Young said Friday.

The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser is set for June 21 at Victoria Park in Sydney, but Transition House is collecting shoes today. 

It's a national campaign, but this is the first time Sydney has hosted it. They're asking for women to donate sizes 9 and up.

Bring your extra high heels to the Cape Breton Farmers' Market, 340 Keltic Drive on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.