A disc jockey with highfunctioning autism faced a major setback last week when his work laptop was stolen.

Nick Baros-Johnson, 25, is hoping his passion for music and karaoke will turn into full-time employment — but to do that, he needs his equipment.

The laptop is part of his gear ensemble to host karaoke by his brand, Howling at the Moon Karaoke. 

Last week someone broke into the rooming house where he lives, and they made off with the laptop.

Baros-Johnson would like to replace the computer but he said his autism limits his income. He’s been unable to find full-time work. 


Nick Baros-Johnson is a familiar face at the Lion's Head Tavern, known for his air guitar. (Submitted)

Currently, he hosts a music show called “Suburban Shadows” at CKDU, a community radio station.

“When it comes to my jobs I think the only reason I'm not getting full-time work is because of the split personality I have going on,” he said.

Baros-Johnson’s church congregation has been helping him organize things for his career.

They’ve set up a free karaoke night June 23 at Bearly’s House of Blues for him to host, open to everyone. 

“One of his passions is karaoke and we're just looking for ways that we can maybe help him get launched and maybe begin his career,” said Reverend Norm Horofker. 

In the meantime, Horofker is trying to find a backup laptop for the event in a couple weeks.