A 25-year-old disc jockey with high functioning autism has finally come upon some good news.

Nick Baros-Johnson lives in a rooming house in Halifax. Last week someone broke into his room and stole his laptop--a piece of equipment he relies on to start up his karaoke business, Howling at the Moon Karaoke. 


Nick Baros-Johnson is a familiar face at the Lion's Head Tavern, known for his air guitar. (Submitted)

Hours after the story aired on CBC, Baros-Johnson got some good news from an anonymous donor —an offer to buy him a laptop to replace his stolen one. 

“I was amazed that I would even be rewarded this shortly after the theft happened,” he said.

“That man over there who shall remain anonymous, Well, he's probably my guardian angel in the fact of the matter here,” he said while shopping for a new one.

The donor wishes to remain anonymous because he says the story isn't about him.

“People are looking out for me,” said Baros-Johnson.

He wanted to replace his stolen laptop in time for an upcoming gig at Bearly’s House of Blues where he will be hosting a karaoke night June 23.

It’s something he hopes could lead to more jobs in the city. 

Currently, he hosts a music show called “Suburban Shadows” at CKDU, a community radio station.

But Baros-Johnson's been struggling to find full-time work, a challenge he attributes to his autism.

His church congregation organized the karaoke night at Bearly’s to jump start his career. 

As Baros-Johnson’s story spread, CBC began to receive a number of calls from viewers who were touched by it, and wanted to replace the laptop.

For now, Baros-Johnson found the perfect laptop second-hand on Kijiji with just the right operating system. His donor has also treated him to some new headphones and an external hard drive.

And should it not work out with the Kijiji laptop, his donor has offered to buy a new one.

On top of it all, Baros-Johnson has decided to move out of the rooming house and into a new apartment. In the past he's has trouble with petty thefts but a stolen laptop was the last straw.

“It’s the 32nd- floor so it's gonna be close to impossible for anyone to try to steal from me again,” he said.