Diving still safe sport, dive company owner says

Recreational diving is still safe, despite an incident Saturday in which a man died while diving near Hubbards, according to the owner of a diving tour company.
A diver went missing in Birchy Head Saturday. He was later found dead on shore. (CBC)

Recreational diving is still safe, despite an incident Saturday in which a man died while diving near Hubbards, according to the owner of a diving tour company.

RCMP are awaiting autopsy results on the body of the Dartmouth man, who separated from the rest of his diving group around noon.

The 36-year-old's body was found on shore at 2:30 p.m. Saturday by the Coast Guard.

Ahmed Nassrat owns Atlantic Adventure Divers in Halifax. He has logged dives from the Red Sea to Florida and says regardless of the cause of the man's death, it's a reminder for all divers.

He says there are many rules in place to ensure divers enjoy their sport safely.

"After you dive for a long time everyone gets overconfident, and sometimes bend the rules a little, so when someone hears something like that, it definitely wakes them up a little and ... remember accidents could happen," Nassrat said.

"Be careful while you're out there, especially underwater sometimes in deep depths."

Nassrat says he was shocked to hear about the fatality because diving is relatively safe.

"It's very rare, very uncommon to hear about a diving-related accident. It's one of the safest things to do, so you always wonder, 'How did it happen? What could have led to it?' because it's not a common thing at all to see."

Police say they don't know what caused the diver to get into trouble while he was under the water.

Police have not identified the man.