The mayor of Digby is making a pitch for young doctors who grew up in the area to come back and help fill the town's looming doctor shortage.

One doctor left last week and another is leaving soon.

Only one of the two remaining doctors works full time.

Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland the town has had struggles in the past attracting doctors, but now it's bordering on crisis.

He said bringing back young doctors seems to be working in Meteghan, N.S.

"They've brought back members of the community to become doctors. We're looking somewhat at the same thing now. The community between the district of Digby, the town of Digby and the hospital foundation are going to be building a collaborative practice very soon. This is done by the community it's not coming from the provincial government or the federal government," he said.

Cleveland said he did give tours of the area and its facilities to seven foreign-born doctors last week, but it's too soon for anyone to make a commitment about moving.