The company that runs the Bay of Fundy ferry is considering an official no-fishing zone along the route into Digby Harbour to prevent further damage to the ship.

Bay Ferries' Princess of Acadia was damaged twice this year after its propulsion system was caught in fishing gear.

The ferry company says it's now in talks with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to ban fishing in a particular area.

Don Cormier, vice-president of operations for Bay Ferries, said the idea is to talk with the local fishing association about "basically something that can be enforced."

Currently, there is an unofficial agreement with lobster fishermen to give the ferry a clear path into Digby as it continues its route from Saint John, N.B.

Chris Hudson, president of the local lobster advisory board, wants to know how wide a no-fishing corridor would be.

He admits the approach to Digby Gut is congested with fishing gear. But he said the ferry sometimes veers off course and into the path of the gear.

"For whatever reason, the vessel does not always sail that path. It's been spotted many, many times going straight through the middle of the gear," he said.

Hudson said the matter can be resolved without resorting to enforcement. He said fishermen need the ferry to operate since it carries their product to market.

DFO is saying little about the matter.

"Fisheries and Oceans Canada encourages all parties to meet to discuss ways in which they can accomplish their respective goals without impinging on the other," a department spokesman said in an email to CBC News.

Transport Canada says it knows about the two recent incidents with the ferry.

"[Our] mandate is to certify vessels, not to regulate fishing or fishing gear. However, we are participating in discussions between Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Bay Ferries Inc., and the fishing community to offer any marine expertise which would help resolve the issue," a spokesman wrote to CBC News.

The Princess of Acadia has been in dry dock in Halifax since its most recent run-in with fishing gear.

Cormier said he expects the ferry will be back in service by late Thursday or early Friday.